What's In An Ice Pack

Whats in an Ice Pack

     At CoolRelief.net, we are working to bring together a wide variety of cold wraps, cold packs, and other personal cooling solutions because we want to offer something for everyone. Whether it’s for a shoulder injury, a knee injury, or a neck injury, there are different cold wraps and cold packs available for any type of pain. At CoolRelief.net, we have them all. The main recovery and pain relief cold wraps on the market are made with inserts containing soft blue gel, custom fitted segmented ice inserts, or screw cap ice bags which hold ice and water. Each of these different product types has its own benefits.
Cold therapy products made with custom fitted segmented ice inserts are some of the lightest cold pack products available. Most manufacturers make removable ice mat inserts for their products so you can chill multiple inserts in the freezer and have continuous therapy. These products are great for athletic trainers and injuries at baseball games, football games, or any other athletic activities. Bringing the extra inserts in a cooler bag allow multiple player’s the availability of immediate ice on injuries.
     Other companies build custom fitted ice inserts right into their wraps. They strategically place the ice mat insert in the areas which need it most from common athletic injuries such as a knee injuries or shoulder injuries. Because of the strategic placement of ice in these products, they can also conform to the body with a more custom fitted feel. These ice wraps typically run towards the upper end of the price range due to their custom fitted sizes and product materials, but you can still find them for les at CoolRelief.net!
     Another popular type of cold wrap product is made with cold pack inserts consisting of soft blue gel. The blue gel in most of these wraps can stay cold just as long as ice yet they conform comfortably to an injury as the soft gel molds to the body part it is on. Cold wraps with soft gel inserts are favored by many due to the comfort level and their therapy style, however they aren’t quite as light weight as similar ice wraps with ice mat inserts, and due to the soft gel inside not being solid ice, some of them don’t stay cold quite as long as others.
     A hybrid cold wrap product is one which CoolRelief.net has developed using both the extended relief of solid ice, and the softness and conformability of soft blue gel. They have soft blue gel inserts inside their some of their products which hold ice pillows or ice cubes suspended throughout the blue gel. Some argue that these are the best cold wrap products available due to their ability to stay cold longer while conforming comfortably to an injury.  Also due to the fact that the ice cubes are freely suspended throughout the blue gel, they can be moved toward the source of the pain and swelling to direct colder temperature where it’s needed most. This is a feature that not only aids in the “inner focused icing technology” that CoolRelief.net has developed, but it helps conserve the cold pack inserts therapy time. 
     Yet another type of product available and that CoolRelief.net offers, is their products with screw cap ice bag pouches. This is a simple concept but is it also a valuable and beneficial concept. These products are made with removable ice bags which can be filled with ice and water whenever pain or an injury occurs. They are one of the best products to put in an athletic bag or a gym bag because they don’t actually need to house any soft gel or ice until it is needed. Therefore, these products are extremely light weight until they are filled!
     The ice bag offers a durable cloth material which safely allows very efficient therapy whenever and wherever it is needed. Because of the fact that ice is solid and not a malleable substance, the ice bags are made with a water-tight sealed screw cap so it can hold water. If the ice doesn’t conform enough to an injury you can always add water to make the cold pack softer! 
     One of the more interesting cold pack inserts are that of certain ice bandanas sold at CoolRelief.net. They hold non-toxic polymer crystals inside of all natural cotton fabrics which are worn around the neck for keeping cool. They can be worn for golfing, walking, running, sitting by the pool, watching little league games or anything else in the hot summer sun. They are also extremely light weight! The bandanas only need a spoonful of their salt-like polymer crystal inside their cotton fabric. When the bandana is soaked in water for about 20 to 30 minutes the polymer crystals absorb almost 400 times their weight in water! After they are soaked they can be placed in the refrigerator to get cool and then they retain their shape for hours! Even on the hottest days, air around the neck or forehead will feel cool as an arctic breeze!
     Whichever type of cold wrap or cold pack you need, you can be sure to find it at CoolRelief.net. If you have more questions or want more information about each of the types of products we have here at CoolRelief.net, check out our cold pack manufacturers pages, or look into information about our ice wrap products!

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