Quality Ice Wraps Speed Recovery, Reduce Swelling, and Stop Pain!

Cooling Wraps to Take Away Your Pain

Cool Relief is an online store offering a broad range of ice wraps to relieve various kinds of body pain. Whether you have a sport injury or recover after a surgery, our products might be your life savers. Ice/cold therapy is an integral part of the treatment of body injuries as it relieves pain, reduces swelling, cools tissue temperature, and prevents further tissue damage. If you are an athlete, trainer, or health enthusiast, to have an ice pack at home, school or a training facility is a must.

Our store has ice packs for any body part. The healing wraps we sell are manufactured by various companies, so you can shop by a brand name or type of a cooling pack you need. Do not rely on a homemade ice pack wraps as they are not effective in dealing with severe pain. Get a proper ice wrap for an effective treatment of your injury.

Cool Wraps Made with Love & Care for You

We strive for excellence and customers’ satisfaction. For these reasons, we offer a line of products suitable for all types of clients. Besides, we guarantee that all the items offered in the store are made of high-quality materials. Depending on a type of injury or pain you can choose big ice packs, ice insert packs or soft gel ice packs with adjustable, elastic compression straps and soft foam sleeves. Also, you might want to order extra ice inserts to not interrupt your therapy. No matter what item you decide to purchase, you can always be sure in its exceptional quality.

Experience the Healing Power of a Body Ice Pack

  • Shoulder ice packs are used as a preventative measure or for treating chronic shoulder injuries. You can choose the design of an ice wrap depending on a type of injury you have. Whether you are a professional sportsman or weekend warrior, young or old, we have ice packs to speed up the healing of your shoulder.
  • Back ice wraps are applied when dealing with back pain and sciatica. Ice packs tame the initial inflammation and swelling. Cool Relief carries a variety of back wraps that have a therapeutic effect. They will help you to restore mobility and return to your regular daily activities.
  • Knee ice packs are essential when treating joint pain, knee injuries or debilitating knee. Our knee wrap products provide immediate relief and help to get through a physical rehabilitation process faster and with less pain.
  • Wrist ice packs provide pain relief for wrist and hand area. Our cold packs can be used for swelling, tendinitis, sprains, or carpal tunnel syndrome. We offer wrist ice packs with good compression and support in customizable, easy to adjust wraps. You will definitely find the one you need.
  • Ankle ice packs are widely used for ankle sprains, Achilles’ tendonitis, ankle swelling, or plantar fasciitis. Using compression with ice is necessary to control pain and reduce inflammation. Ice pack therapy will help you to recover from your ankle injuries much faster. We offer ice and soft gel pack inserts manufactured by best brands in this industry.
  • Hip ice wraps offered at Cool Relief treat thigh injuries. When hip pain strikes, ice therapy is recommended to reduce inflammation. At our store, there are soft gel hip ice wraps and large reusable packs recommended by trainers for severe injuries.

Cool Relief has also gathered a large collection of articles to help you find answers to the questions related to ice therapy and pain relief. Check our Pain Relief Guide to find recommendations and opinions of health specialists.