Ways To Reduce Shoulder Pain

Ways to Reduce Shoulder Pain  

     Several methods of pain relief are available for shoulder pain and Rotator Cuff injuries. Depending on the severity of the injury or the level of pain many of these methods are as easy and affordable. If pain stems from a more serious injury such as a rotator cuff tear or a ligament injury, the most common and effective way to correct the problem is through a shoulder surgery. Because of the high level of shoulder injuries which occur each year due to athletics and other similar activities, a surgery on this area is typically a routine procedure. It can be somewhat invasive depending on how bad the injury is, but most often it’s simply a matter of time before recovery. 
     Surgery however is more of a drastic and permanent solution for severe injuries and in many situations it simply takes some rest and ice. If the shoulder joint and ligaments are sore from overuse or a temporary hyperextension, more transitory relief such as shoulder ice wraps or shoulder exercises can benefit enough to keep away from a surgical procedure on the shoulder. Many ice wraps are made specifically for the rehabilitation of rotator cuff injuries. Some of these ice wraps have soft blue gel inside of them which conforms to the shoulder and molds to the injury. Blue gel ice packs are one type, another and more common type are ice wraps with custom fitted segmented ice inserts. These ice inserts are designed to target cold therapy towards the source of the shoulder pain and drive cold deep into the injury. Also are ice packs for the shoulder which contain ice bags which you can fill with ice cubes or ice water to fit over the injured area. 
    If heavy pressure or stressful activity involving the shoulder is imperative, then purchasing a shoulder ice wrap for recovery after such events can be very beneficial. These ice wraps are less expensive than one would think and definitely worth the benefit. The best way to use ice for the shoulder is freeze one of these products and throw it in a gym bag or an athletic bag for use right after the event. Most of the cold packs stay cold up to 2 hours and you can even buy an ice pack cooler bag to keep them cold longer.
     Other ways to relieve or reduce pain associated with the Rotator Cuff area without ice are doing simple exercises and stretches to help the joints and ligaments loosen up. There’s good reason why most if not all athletes perform a good amount of stretching before athletic events. Not just on the shoulder but on all the joints and muscles in the body. This can greatly reduce the chances of pulling or straining a muscle.
     If you have experienced shoulder pain or an injury in the Rotator Cuff area, like a dislocated shoulder there are many ways to help reduce the pain and swelling. Don’t worry, because it can easily be helped. Ask your doctor or a physical therapist which methods of recovery are best for you. Check out these shoulder ice pack products and more at CoolRelief.net!

Shoulder Ice Pack, Hot Pack by Active Wrap

Shoulder Ice Wrap by Active Wrap

Shoulder and Upper Arm Ice Pack by Cool Relief

Shoulder and Upper Arm Ice Pack by Cool Relief

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