Ways To Reduce Knee Pain

Ways to Reduce Knee Pain

     There are many methods for reducing the pain and swelling linked with knee injuries such as ACL damage. The most common is the use of ice and compression over the affected area. Whether the injury is chronic or traumatic, ice will reduce the amount of pain associated with the injury. ACL and other ligament injuries can benefit from the low temperatures due to the reduced blood flow to the area.
     If knee pain is sudden or traumatic due to an athletic injury or a blow to the knee, many times surgical procedure on the affected knee is used to help knee pain and correct functioning as soon as possible. After all, the knee joint is extremely important for the use of lower body movement and is crucial for the performance of many athletes. Having a sore or painful knee joint or ligaments can severely hinder the outcome of many athletic performances.
     Knee surgery is not rare among athletes in sports with much running and knee stress such as football or soccer. Typically, many forms of knee pain due to traumatic injury are corrected with knee surgery to aid in recovery of the damage on the ligaments and other parts of the joint. After surgery the area around the joint is usually very tender or sensitive, though after a recovery period pain typically subsides.
     If pain is more of a mild and chronic or long term issue, methods to recover or reduce the pain are typically less drastic than knee surgery.  Using the R.I.C.E. method of recovery (rest, ice, compression, and elevation) after events involving stress on the muscles and ligaments can help reduce the discomfort in the joint. Cool Relief.net has an excellent selection of knee ice packs to help. There are both soft gel knee ice wraps, cold packs with custom fitted segmented ice mat inserts, and knee wrap products with ice bags in them 
     Other ways to reduce knee discomfort involve pain medications and of course keeping pressure off the joint. Crutches or canes can be used to keep weight or vertical pressure off of the knee joints and knee braces can be worn to keep the joint from bending or giving out under pressure. Knee pain is common and there are many ways to reduce the pain and swelling. Talk to your healthcare provider to find out which method might be best for you. Try these and more knee ice wrap products and CoolRelief.net!


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