Ways To Reduce Ankle And Foot Pain

Ways to Reduce Ankle and Foot Pain

     Regardless of the type of foot and ankle injury, most injuries to the ankle area are pretty painful and some can keep you off of your feet for weeks. There are several ways to reduce and soothe ankle and foot pain and swelling. The most common way to aid in the recovery from any injury dealing with sprains, strains, bones, or joints is the use of the RICE method of recovery (Rest, Ice Compression, and Elevation). For pain and swelling in the ankle and foot, this method works great.
     Rest by using crutches or a cane to keep pressure off of the entire area, and if possible stay off the foot or ankle all together by sitting in a chair with the leg propped up. Elevation is most important immediately following an injury of this nature due to the fact that blood rushes to the area which causes quick swelling. For long term benefits simply us an ice wrap made for the ankle and apply cold compression for 15-20 minute intervals (15-20 minutes on the injury and then 15-20 minutes off the injury. Some ice wrap manufactures make excellent ankle ice wrap products which stay cold for an extended amount of time allowing more 15-20 minute icing sessions on the ankle without having to get back to the freezer and wait for it to refreeze. This can greatly benefit ankle and foot injuries as mobility is reduced by having to stay off the injured area.
     If the foot and ankle injury is severe enough to require a surgical procedure or other invasive action, many times the ankle will be casted and immobilized following the correction. While initial pain can be reduced with ankle ice wraps directly on the area, having a cast can make it difficult to reduce pain with ice, however it is still possible to ice the area regularly if the area becomes uncomfortable.
     Whichever type of pain you have, whether it’s from an invasive surgical procedure, or a twist or ankle roll, there are several methods used to correct the issues and reduce pain and swelling. For more information about foot and ankle injuries, pain and swelling in the foot and ankle area, or ways to prevent these issues, look into our other articles about ankle and foot pain. View our selection of ankle ice wrap and foot ice wrap products!


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