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Universal Ice Wraps

Reusable Cold Packs for Everyone

How many times have you bumped against furniture at home? Or stubbed your toes? We are sure these situations are common for everyone. And, of course, it doesn’t mean you are a clumsy person. People are surrounded by hidden dangers at every turn wherever they hold a course for. That’s why we should be cautious and ready if the worst comes to the worst and the odds are against us again.

Reusable gel packs are definitely the best solution to make you feel more convenient and to keep your efficiency during the treatment. Our products provide cold therapy aimed at reducing nerve activity, pain, and swelling. It is deemed to be a popular practice in fighting against traumas of different types. The role of ice in therapeutic use cannot be exaggerated. It decreases painful swellings, muscle spasms and blood circulation to an injured area. Moreover, ice treatment is approved by physicians and is really advantageous. All you have to do is to devote a couple of moments to place an ice pack and let it work.

Main Advantages of Reusable Gel Ice Packs

  • Versatile in use. You can easily apply it to every injured area including neck, shin, ankle or elbow.
  • Long-term use, flexibility and ability to keep in a freezer even at home.
  • Made of non-toxic components.
  • Universal rubber strap included.
  • Lightweight composition allowing for continuation of any activity.
  • Ability to apply packs multiple times.

Given the benefits of reusable ice packs for injuries treatment, all clients are guaranteed to find a heal-all solution at our website. The products at are available at fair and affordable prices. You can completely rely on us and we will greatly accelerate your recovery. We are here to provide you with an extended assortment of reusable ice gel packs by various manufacturers. With you will get goods only of excellent quality!

Universal Ice Pack, Cold Wrap for Quad
Product ID : CRIUT
Unit Price: $39.99
For use on back, thigh, knee, shin, calf, hamstring, etc.
Soft Gel Universal Ice Wrap by Cool Relief
Product ID : CRSU
Unit Price: $21.50
For use on elbow, thigh, back, shin, calf, neck, etc.
Flexible Reusable Ice Blanket by Cool Relief
Product ID : CRKPI
Unit Price: $42.50
For use at outdoor events, in coolers, and more

     Get the universal cold wrap you want! At we strive to offer only the highest quality cold wraps on the market. We want our customers to be satisfied with their purchase, and have their cold wrap for a long time. Not sure which product is best for your pain? Check out our Pain Relief Health Articles or find manufacturer information in the Cool Relief Brands section.