Soccer Injuries

Soccer Injuries

Many soccer injuries are common and require the use of ice wraps and ice packs for better rehabilitation or recovery. Some common types of soccer injuries include but are not limited to; knee injuries, shin injuries, foot injuries, ankle injuries and much more. It’s not uncommon to have several knee, shin, foot, or ankle injuries throughout a soccer career and over time due to the intense strain on the knee, shin, and ankle areas and joints and ligaments while in practice and play. Acute joint and ligament injuries in the lower body such as ankle sprains and strains or knee injuries are very common in the sport.

Knee, Ankle, and Foot Injures in Soccer
The increased popularity of year round soccer leagues both professional and recreational, produce a higher risk of athletic knee injuries, foot injuries, and ankle injuries in many athletes young and old. Whether it’s an ACL injury in the knee, an ankle sprain or strain, a foot injury, or any other type of ligament tear, ice packs for soccer injuries are an excellent way to reduce recovery time and get soccer players back in the game faster.
Our youth are highly susceptible to these injuries, especially kids who are highly involved in popular recreational soccer leagues. With youth prone to soccer injuries from an elevated level of practice and play, a
foot and ankle ice wrap or a knee ice wrap can be a very beneficial investment. Most knee ice wraps are reusable and can provide cold compression therapy support to an injury for a faster and more comfortable recovery. Check out these popular knee and foot ice wrap products:

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Without an ice wrap, knee, shin, ankle, and foot injuries from soccer can be extremely painful and have prolonged recovery periods, depending on the severity of the injury, so ice wrap products are extremely beneficial. With ice wraps, athletic injuries can be controlled and maintained for faster recovery.

Overuse Injuries in Soccer
Both injuries which are acute and chronic in nature can occur from participating in soccer. The prolonged exposure to extreme stresses on the lower body areas including the knee, shin, ankle, and foot produce the risk of several overuse symptoms. Even if you are able to escape the trauma of an acute lower body injury, many other non-contact injuries can still occur which are chronic in nature, such as Plantar Fasciitis, shin splints, or knee overuse injuries. Benefits of ice wraps are excellent in these situations. Cold compression therapy and ice wraps worn after physically stressful activities can greatly reduce pain and swelling following those activities and are the best way to stay comfortable.

Overuse activities are somewhat harder to control and maintain than acute and traumatic injuries. Typically, traumatic and acute injuries occur and keep you out of activity for a determined period of time while you recover, then you may be able to return to activity at the end of the recovery period with a full restoration. Unfortunately, chronic aches and pains have a slower or gradual onset and can stick around indefinitely. In soccer that can be detrimental! So, be prepared for soccer injuries before they occur with an ice wrap from Treat them with rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Get back in the game faster!


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