Shoulder Ice Packs | Cold Therapy Wraps for Shoulder Pain

Get Effictive Gel Ice Packs for Shoulders

Does an upper arm injury have you down? Ice wraps for the shoulder and upper arm area can help reduce pain and swelling from a number of acute injuries and trauma. We have ice wraps for dislocated shoulder, separated shoulder, tendinitis or bursitis of the shoulder, Rotator Cuff tears, SLAP tears, frozen shoulder, fractures to the shoulder, arthritis in the AC joint and much more. Our large selection of ice wraps are long lasting and fit comfortably to any injury to reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation. Recover more efficiently and get back in the game faster with an ice wrap from Cool Relief! Don't suffer any longer, order today to get pain relief faster!

Shoulder & Upper Arm Ice Pack by Cool Relief
Product ID : CRIS
Unit Price: $84.99
For rotator cuff, adhesive capsulitis, tennis elbow
Soft Gel Shoulder Ice Wrap by Cool Relief
Product ID : CRSS
Unit Price: $49.99
For rotator cuff, adhesive capsulitis, swelling
Large Reusable 5 in1 Ice Wrap, Gel Pack by Trainers Pick
Product ID : TPLG
Unit Price: $29.99
This reusable ice wrap can be used as a knee ice pack, shoulder ice pack, hip...

Using Gel Ice Packs

Using gel ice packs for shoulders is a marked improvement from using a makeshift ice pack, like a frozen bag of peas. Gel packs are reusable and can be used to apply cold therapy on the spot. Gel packs should be kept frozen in advance. Take the pack out of the freezer only when you need it. Gel ice packs are more effective in delivering therapy than instant or homemade ice packs as they can draw heat out at a faster rate. Once done, just return the Cool Relief gel pack to the freezer for future use. The reusable nature makes gel ice packs highly convenient and economical.

Enjoy Superior Comfort

At Cool Relief we aim to provide the best care and products. Our gel shoulder ice pack choices are designed to feel comfortable as well as be effective. The ice packs come with soft shoulder sleeves. To use, take the ice pack out of the freezer, place inside the sleeve, and wear on the injured side. The relief will be almost instant. Our products do not cause a burning sensation when applied because of the sleeve. There’s no need to use extra clothing items.

Suitable for First Aid and Regular Use

Cool Relief shoulder ice wrap products are suitable for regular use as well as for first aid use. They can be readily used in case of an emergency injury. Also, these ice packs can provide cold compression therapy for those who suffer chronic joint pain due to overuse (as in sport). They are also quite useful for combatting medical conditions like arthritis. We carry special products for athletes who suffer from chronic pain. Try our shoulder ice pack wraps for pitchers for greater comfort.

Find Great Prices at Cool Relief

Buy the ice pack for shoulder you need at affordable and reasonable prices at Cool Relief. We offer a wide range of products to choose from. Browse this page to find the product you need at the right price.