Knee Pain Prevention

Knee Pain Prevention

     Whether its athletics, an active career, or demanding household chores, it’s inevitable that our knees will go through some wear and tear over time. Depending on the activity levels that our knee joints are subjected to, knee pain can occur and often times will if proper measures of precaution aren’t taken. Common in runners and other athletes, knee injury and knee pain have several methods of prevention to protect the knee joint and surrounding area from damage. These methods can reduce your chances of acquiring pain and swelling in the knee region.
     Knee braces worn by many athletes are a well-known method of knee safety and prevention of knee injury. Braces on the leg keep the knee joint within it's natural range of motion to deter from tears and strains in the ligaments upon inflicted pressure on the joint.  This method of prevention is popular in collegiate and professional athletics like football.
     Another popular method of knee pain prevention is the use of different exercises and variations in your workout or activity routine. If going to the gym, or heavy lifting is a must, keep in mind that it’s best to stretch and warm up for physically stressful activities. Take into consideration the pressure on the joints. If it’s a workout that’s resulting in knee pain it may be healthier to participate in activities such as swimming or water aerobics where pressure is minimized.
     If a knee injury has already occurred and you are already experiencing knee pain, it’s not too late for prevention. There are still ways to prevent the knee joint from further damage. Knee pain can get worse if ignored, so it’s best to treat as soon as it is noticed. Make sure to use an ice wrap. Use a knee ice wrap to provide cold compression over the injury and rehabilitate the knee. With any further exposure to activity, be sure to continue to use some if not all of the precautions mentioned here and in many other online resources. As always talk to you medical practitioner for recommendations about the best method of knee pain prevention for you.

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