Knee Ice Packs | Ice Wraps for Knee Pain Relief

Buy Gel Ice Packs for Knees at Low Prices

All of the knee ice wraps we offer at provide instant relief for pain and swelling in the knee area due to ACL injuries, MCL, injuries, PCL Injuries, other ligament strains, torn cartilage, and relief for many acute and chronic knee injuries and knee related problems. Because many knee injuries are different, we offer several different types of knee ice wraps. Our flexible knee ice packs have custom fitted segmented ice pack inserts and are great for coverage and compression. The form fitting knee cold packs we offer soft gel inserts which comfortably mold to any knee. We also carry knee ice packs with fillable screw cap ice bag inserts, which are great for taking to athletic events. We have compression knee sleeves with lightweight polymer crystals for knee injuries as well. Most of these high quality and versatile knee ice wrap products will conform comfortably to any individual. Shop for knee ice packs with our lowest price guarantee!
Knee Ice Pack, Cold Wrap by Cool Relief
Product ID : CRIK
Unit Price: $59.99
For swelling, ACL/MCL/PCL/meniscus, arthritis
Large Reusable 5 in1 Ice Wrap, Gel Pack by Trainers Pick
Product ID : TPLG
Unit Price: $29.99
This reusable ice wrap can be used as a knee ice pack, shoulder ice pack, hip...
Soft Gel Knee Ice Wrap by Cool Relief
Product ID : CRSK
Unit Price: $39.99
For swelling, tendinitis, arthritis, ACL/MCL/PCL/meniscus

Soothing and Efficient Knee Ice Wraps

Buy soft gel knee ice wrap online from us to enjoy economical rates and top-quality products. Cool Relief products are made according to the required standards. They can be applied to injuries, according to medical instruction. You do not need special medical training to use an ice pack. Our products offer convenience and relief.

Why Use an Ice Wrap for Knee Injuries?

Injured knees need to be held tightly to prevent motion. Moving an injured knee makes the damage worse. A knee ice pack cooler can hold the knee in place steadily and securely. More importantly, the cold from the pack constricts blood flow, reducing swelling. The cold also has a soothing effect on the joint to relieve pain. Using gel ice wraps for knees is standard first aid practice for any injured joint.

How to Properly Apply an Ice Wrap to an Injury

It’s important not to move the injured leg and apply the ice pack as gently as possible. Reusable ice packs for knees should be kept frozen to apply when needed. Our ice packs come in comfortable sleeves that gently wrap around the knee. In the case of an injury, get the ice pack from the freezer, put it in the sleeve, and wrap it around the knee. It’s as easy as that. There’s no need to use a cloth or a towel with the sleeve. You can use the ice packs to relieve joint pain as well.

Advantages of Cool Relief Ice Packs

  • You can get top-quality gel ice packs for knees at low prices
  • The ice packs are reusable
  • They are easy to apply and comfortable to wear
  • The ice packs come with an accompanying sleeve
  • The soft, micromesh sleeves gently hug the knee, applying pressure to relieve pain
  • Use it as a first aid device or to relieve chronic pain
Design especially for applying cold therapy