Icy Cools Product Information

Icy Cools, Inc. was incorporated in 1996 to produce high quality economically priced reusable cooling products. Starting with three products, our line has grown to over 20 products for the retail, commercial, restaurant and promotional product markets. Additionally Icy Cools has expanded its line with hot/cold mats in our unique quilted format to provide hot/cold where you need it. The purified water inside our products is held in place by our custom manufactured packaging system which provides 2" x 2" or 2" x 3" pillow compartments in the mats… By using only water and food safe additives, we can insure that any punctures of the product will not result in product contamination or staining of the coolers and containers.

All of our products feature safe, purified water. The water is treated using 10um and 1um filters to remove particulates, a deionization system to remove dissolved minerals, a UV light to kill any bacteria, and copper or chlorine to insure product safety. The water is placed into a 1,000 liter tank which is lot coded and randomly tested at a laboratory to insure product safety.

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-Cooling Ice Bandana by Icy Cools

Ice Insert Set for Cooling Ice Bandana by Icy Cools

Small Universal NeoWrap Ice Pack by Icy Cools

Large Universal NeoWrap Ice Pack by Icy Cools

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