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Hip Ice Packs

Hip Wrap: On the Road to Recovery

What if there was a special tool to get rid of pain, tissue swelling, skin hyperemia and general uneasiness? No, that’s not about pie in the sky. Hip ice packs by Cool Relief are deemed to be the natural and rehabilitation-provoking solution. If you have recently undergone the thigh operation, icing will become an integral part of your routine care for the next few weeks or even months. With the best will in the world, doctors are unable to soothe the unpleasant sensations in the joint in a flash. A good rule of thumb is to apply the proper hip ice wrap intermittently.

Soft Gel Hip Ice Wrap by Cool Relief
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For post-surgery, swelling, arthritis

Cold compression therapy is aimed at not merely pain minimizing, but also at keeping your range of motion and endurance. Furthermore, the primary advantage of this type of treatment is the absence of medication. Applying an ice pack to an injured spot eliminates potential hazards of the drug treatment. The cold is proven to penetrate deeply into tissues and slow down the nerve impulses without impeding the recovery. By administering the therapy directly to the affected joint, our ice packs for hips allow for the accelerated swelling control.

Why Hip Ice Pack Is Worth Opting for

Apart from being a hands-free treatment, these bags ensure flexibility, adjustability and full area coverage. Wearing a bandage does not enjoin you to keep inside. You can go on doing whatever you want, from cooking to taking your kids to a playground, while healing the damaged hip. Thus, Cool Relief items present the unparalleled solution when being on the go.

All our products are specially designed to fit the thigh properly. For this purpose, they are bundled with an adjustable strap and a soft foam sleeve. Moreover, additional inserts may come in handy for the repeated use. You can buy an extra piece when ordering at our website.

Ice Pack for Hip Bursitis Treatment

Because of the dozens of causes bursitis can stem from, it is necessary to feel certain of its treatment method. Better yet, to get prepared and to have a practical ice pack for hip at your fingertips. That is why you should apply the bandage immediately if you notice any manifestations of bursitis:

  • Painful swelling around the affected joint.
  • Tissue damages.
  • High temperature.
  • Skin hyperemia.
  • Hip tenderness along with radiating pain.

In addition to icing, heating can also be advantageous when improving the physical condition of a person suffering from bursitis. At our website, you are provided with the all-in-one packs, which can be heated in the microwave for the proper therapy. Rapid relief and saving your resources are the tasks we set sights on.

What Else Cool Relief Can Offer

Except for the outstanding items quality, our company services include the return period of 90 days and the 1-year warranty. If you want to cancel your order for some reason, we will provide you with reimbursement or refund. Once you decide to consider Cool Relief as a partner, our employees will answer all your questions concerning particular inquiries, terms, shipments, etc. Feel free to call us (800) 475-1609.