Small Replacement Gel Pack Insert by Cool Relief

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All Cool Relief Ice Wraps feature a unique pocketed design allowing the interchangeable use of an additional cold pack insert for continuous cold therapy. Whether your cold wrap uses a soft gel ice insert or a segmented ice pack insert, they can be kept in the freezer for easier and faster recovery. Most ice wraps take up to 2 hours to chill thoroughly. Don’t let your ice wrap thaw without an extra one in the freezer! Always have a cold pack ready.

Cool Relief's revolutionary soft gel cold therapy wraps include a soft gel insert consisting of blue gel with suspended “pillows” of ice throughout. These water pillows keep the product colder and for longer while allowing the ultimate flexibility of gel in the unit. 

This product can be used with:
Soft Gel Universal Ice Wrap by Cool Relief
Soft Gel Foot and Ankle Ice Wrap by Cool Relief

Product specifications:
Small Replacement Gel Pack Insert (6”x12”)

*Note: Micromesh/soft foam sleeve (pictured next to insert) is NOT included.

Other helpful information: 
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