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Foot Ice Packs

Foot Ice Packs

Cool Relief is a reliable and time-tested provider of ice wraps and ice packs for foot pain. Ice therapy appears to be a traditional but medically proven technique for reducing swelling and inflammation. Immediate usage of cold compression is the right way to keep the pain from the toe, ankle, foot injuries to a minimum.

It becomes beneficial for athletes, dancers, and gymnasts involved in the exhausting training and challenging competitions. However, it is also a common thing for all people (both adults and children) that can get injured at work, at school, at home or just while walking down the street. The majority of medical professionals find that therapy with plantar fasciitis ice pack to be the best method to treat this disorder. Why? Get down to the benefits of our products.

Advantages of Ice Wrap for Foot by Cool Relief

  • Adjustable design along with elastic and flexible straps are supposed to fit most sizes.
  • Removable ice insert packs and soft gel ice inserts allow you to get the most out of the cold pack products and extend the period of its usage.
  • Ice packs are helpful in the treatment of ankle sprains, Achilles tendinosis, heel spur, swelling, soreness, and bursitis. Particularly useful is the plantar fasciitis cold wrap aimed to soothe pain in the bottom of foot near the heel.
  • Fast effect that results in reducing inflammation, relaxing and cooling a problem foot area, easing toe, ankle, and heel pain.
  • You get an item made of high-quality materials at the reduced price for shipping.

Our store delivers more than just a quick and easy purchase, we are committed to offering versatile foot ice wraps for you to fight an excruciating pain at once. Get in touch with Cool Relief via, calling on (800) 475-1609 or try our new Support Center App.

Soft Gel Foot and Ankle Ice Wrap by Cool Relief
Product ID : CRSF
Unit Price: $49.99
For plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, sprains
Ankle Ice Pack, Cold Wrap by Cool Relief
Product ID : CRIA
Unit Price: $49.99
For sprains, rolls, tendinitis, plantar fasciitis

Get the best foot cold wrap for you! At we strive to offer only the highest quality cold wraps on the market. We want our customers to be satisfied with their purchase, and have their ice wrap for a long time. Not sure which product is best for your pain? Check out our Information About Ankle and Foot Pain in our Pain Relief Health Articles or find manufacturer information in the Cool Relief Brands section.