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Cool Stuff to Cool Stuff!

     Flexi-Freeze products are just that, Cool Stuff to Cool Stuff. The whole product line stems from our unique Flexi-Freeze Ice Sheets. They are like industrial strength bubble wrap with pure water inside the bubbles. They can be frozen hundreds of times and stay flexible while frozen. The versatility of our Flexi-Freeze Re-Freezable Ice Sheet allows it to be the building block for an incredible line of application driven products. These products include our patented line of "coolers with built-in ice", cold therapy wraps, ice vests, and more. They all go right in your freezer.  Manufactured in the USA, our re-freezable ice sheets contain purified water that is safer to drink than your own tap water. We use pure water because it works better than gel packs. Say good bye to blue goo and leaking bags of ice forever.Keeping things cold is important to more areas of our lives than food, so we have introduced a line of products that utilize Flexi-Freeze for injuries, medicines, parties, shipping and high-heat situations.

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FlexiFreeze Ice Packs Available at CoolRelief.net:

-Can Cooler by FlexiFreeze
-Medicine Cooler by FlexiFreeze
-Water Bottle Cooler by FlexiFreeze
-Party Ice Mat by FlexiFreeze
-12 Can Ice Pack Cooler by FlexiFreeze
-FlexiFreeze Ice Vest
-Grocery Tote Cooler by FlexiFreeze

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