FlexiFreeze Product Directions

FlexiFreeze Ice Pack Coolers
FlexiFreeze Product Directions

Directions for Product Use:
FlexiFreeze products are really cool and easy to use. Keep your FlexiFreeze product in the freezer and it will always be ready when you are. FlexiFreeze products can stay in your freezer as long as you like. Just remember to return your FlexiFreeze product back to the freezer after use so that it’s ready when you need it.

For the 12 Can Case Cooler, Water Bottle Cooler, Grocery Tote, and Single Can Cooler:
1) Unzip the bottom and/or top zippers and tuck in the lids. *Flexi Freeze coolers have been designed to fold flat.
2) Your cooler is ready to go into the freezer.
3) When you’re ready to use the cooler, simply take it out of the freezer and zip the bottom and/or top closed and you’re ready to fill it with only the things you want. No need to add ice, it’s built in!

For the Party Ice Mat and the Medicine Cooler:
1) Just fold or close.
2) Place in the freezer and chill for when it is needed.  
*FlexiFreeze coolers and other accessories should be cleaned with a damp soapy cloth.

For the Cooling Ice Vest:
Freezing Ice Panels (Removable ice panels attach to the vest with Velcro for ease of use.)
For best results:
1) Place panels flat in freezer. Flexifreeze ice will require approximately 12 hours to become fully frozen.
2) If upon removal from freezer individual ice cubes do not appear frozen, slightly tap the unfrozen cubes to facilitate crystallization and return panels to complete freezing.
3) Remove panels from freezer and attach to vest when personal cooling is required.
4) Ice panels should be stored in freezer when the vest is not in use to ensure panels are readily frozen.
Fitting Ice Vest
1) Ice Vest is designed to fit sizes XS to 2XL
2) It can be adjusted at the shoulders via the Velcro straps and also on the sides by adjusting the elastic cord.
3) Excess elastic cord should be secured inside the Velcro flap on the front of vest for safety.
4) A shirt should be worn underneat vest to avoid direct contact of ice panels with skin.
5) Vest should be adjusted to fit so that ice panels are in full contact with the body.
Care of Ice Vest:
1) Machine wash on gentle cycle - do not bleach (for best results secure elastic cord in front velcro flaps before washing)
2) Tumble dry on low
3) Do not irond - Do not dryclean
Care of Ice Vest Panels:
1) Wipe clean with soapy water and a soft cloth
2) Do not place ice panels in washing machine or dishwasher

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