Cool Relief Reviews and Testimonials

Cool Relief Product Testimonials

"The use of your cold packs have helped us out considerably with the treatment of our University of Oklahoma hockey players. We use them both in the athletic training room as well as the clinic where we see our athletes for further rehabilitation...and have put your shoulder packs to good use. They seem to really mold around the anterior and posterior shoulder joint well. Once again, your cold packs continue to serve their purpose on the highest level of quality and reliability. We look forward to continued use of your product."
                                                                                               -Ronnie Hayes, BS, CSCS, University of Oklahoma

"I am a sports official here in Connecticut and underwent knee surgery. Your fine product was given to me in the hospital along with the gel pack system.... I have to tell you that icing my knee for a week was actually a pleasure. The packs stay cold. The "blue pouch" is convenient, snug and comfortable. With my officiating schedule and the aches and pains of either football or basketball, I know I will be utilizing your pouches again. It is, without doubt, a simple, convenient and effect system. Keep up the great work."
                                                                                                -John Baibak, Sports Official

"As the director of a busy outpatient physical therapy clinic...I have used these cold packs for the past three years. I have found your products superior to competitors' products in both quality and affordability. I use your products on our patients in the clinic; frequently we have patients request one for their home use. I highly recommend these products..."
                                                                                                -Keith Chlouber, MS, ATC, Southwest Orthopaedic and Reconstructive Specialists

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