Cool Relief Product Information

Cool Relief Production Information

At Cool Relief, we’ve made it our goal to provide ice packs and ice wraps that are effective for a variety of customers.  Whether you are an athlete or someone post-surgery, Cool Relief offers both ice and heat therapy to soothe your pain and provide relief.  We have strived to create a line of products for a diverse group of customers that combine high quality materials with affordability.  In this pursuit, we have manufactured lines of both segmented ice insert packs and soft gel ice insert wraps with adjustable, elastic compression straps and micromesh/soft foam sleeves. 

Segmented Ice Insert Packs:

Our ice packs contain segmented ice inserts, made of non-toxic, purified water containing a USDA approved food-grade freezing agent. These segmented, lightweight ice inserts offer more coverage and longer duration of cold between insert rotations because of the individual compartments. Because they freeze solid and are less malleable, they provide more support to the injured area.  For continuous cold therapy, purchase an additional segmented ice insert to keep one in the freezer while the other is in use.

Soft Gel Ice Insert Wraps:

Many ice wraps available on the market freeze solid and are not malleable and the wraps that are soft and flexible typically include gel alone, which will not stay cold very long (in many wraps, 15 to 30 minutes.) Other companies use segmented water mats inserted into gel bags to extend therapy time up to almost 2 hours while still staying soft. However, we found that most of the ice mat is excessive and simply make products more expensive, while leaving the patient with less flexibility. Cool Relief’s product has taken this idea to the next level and lowered the cost. Our comfort gel products have individual “ice pillows” breaking up the ice mat and making the product as malleable as possible while still keeping the unit as cold as possible for the longest duration of time. Our Soft Gel Ice Insert Wraps are malleable immediately from the freezer for convenient use.  In addition, the flexibility of the soft gel allows for the wrap/pack to conform perfectly to your body, regardless of size.  No more bulkiness!  For continuous cold therapy, purchase an additional soft gel ice insert to keep one in the freezer while the other is in use.

Our Soft Gel Ice Insert Wraps can also be used for heat therapy.  You can put the insert into the microwave for small intervals of time (20 second intervals at MOST) until you reach the desired temperature.  
*Caution: Insert can get very hot. To prevent burns, we recommend only heating the insert until it reaches a luke warm temperature.  
  Do not put in the microwave for more than 20 seconds at a time to prevent risk of insert bursting.

Adjustable, Elastic Straps:

Cool Relief uses adjustable, elastic straps with both our Segmented Ice Insert Packs and our Soft Gel Ice Insert Wraps in order to provide cold compression therapy.  Compression from the straps allows cold therapy to penetrate deep into muscle tissue, while the individual ice pillow inserts can be utilized toward the source of the pain
keeping the gel colder longer.  In addition, our straps are easily adjustable to fit all sizes and to keep the wrap/pack in place. It is easy to stand and walk with the straps keeping the wrap/pack conformed to your body.

Micromesh/Soft Foam Sleeves:

Both our Segmented Ice Insert Packs and our Soft Gel Ice Insert Wraps have micromesh/soft foam sleeves in which you place the removable inserts.  The micromesh provides protection for your skin from the coldness of the ice or gel inserts while still allowing the cold therapy to penetrate the muscle and soothe pain.  The soft foam offers a comfortable fit, flexing to conform with the wrap to the respective area of the body.

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