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Common Baseball Injuries

Common Baseball Injuries   

Several common baseball injuries can take a baseball player out of the game, and if they’re not careful can leave them out for a while! Some of the more common baseball injuries are Rotator Cuff Injuries, or damage to the ligaments in the shoulder area such as a SLAP tear, Tendonitis, and other overuse syndromes. Shoulder injuries can be detrimental to baseball players but there are several methods of prevention and recovery from baseball injuries.

Shoulder Injuries
    Common in baseball are injuries that occur in the shoulder and rotator cuff area due to the amount of usage and ligament stress when throwing the baseball. The continuous stress on the ligaments can cause Injury to the Rotator Cuff and surrounding area.  Players that are most susceptible to this type of injury are baseball pitchers on their throwing arm and shoulder. Many times you see or hear of pitchers icing their shoulder after practice or baseball games. Sometimes they even take an ice bath to chill their arm! This is because the extreme stress on the rotator cuff joint can be quite painful or sore and begin swelling under the amount of pressure it’s exposed to during practice and play. However, pitchers aren’t the only ones who can acquire an injury to the rotator cuff and surrounding area. Any baseball players who throw much and put stress on their shoulder joints and ligaments have the potential and risk for rotator cuff injury, it’s just more common in baseball pitchers.
     A baseball manager or coach probably doesn’t want to hear the words “Rotator Cuff Injury” when talking about their players, especially a pitcher. Rotator Cuff Injuries can keep ball players out for weeks, and even months depending on the severity of the injury. If it’s a shoulder injury like a SLAP tear, the athlete could require a shoulder surgery and be out for several weeks, however if it’s just sore and swollen, it may only require a few sessions with a shoulder ice pack or a shoulder ice wrap to be rehabilitated. Be sure to check with your doctor or another medical practitioner to determine treatment for any form of Rotator Cuff Injury which you may have experienced from baseball. 
     Though more rare in baseball than rotator cuff injuries, tendonitis can occur in some players. Like many other sports involving tendonitis injuries, baseball players are susceptible to overuse or tendonitis in their arms from the continuous use of their arms and the stress of throwing and catching the ball. Similar to Rotator Cuff Injury, Tendinitis in the arm can be acquired from stresses on the arm with throwing the baseball; however tendinitis injuries typically occur over time unlike acute shoulder injuries. Tendinitis in baseball players can be just as detrimental because they can still affect the play in athletes specifically by reducing their range of motion in their arms.
     Of course other forms of injuries are possible during baseball play, but Rotator Cuff injuries and Tendinitis are probably two of the most common. Some of the best methods of prevention include arm exercises and like many other sports a good stretching exercise is not a bad idea prior to every game or practice. This is why many professional and collegiate baseball athletes (especially pitchers) practice warming up before every game or play. Pitchers, both starters and backup, spend time in the bullpen so they can have their throwing arms loose and ready to go for play or a substitution.

Recovery and Prevention
     A good shoulder ice wrap or elbow ice wrap is the probably the best method of recovery if you have experienced some form of injury from baseball. Ice wraps built specifically for athletic injuries are the best method of icing because they focus on compression while delivering ice therapy deep into the injured area. Cold compression and rest are the two key elements to a faster baseball injury recovery. It is a good idea to talk to your athletic trainer or a medical practitioner to find out more about your baseball injury, however more information can be found about shoulder injuries and shoulder pain throughout our pain relief health guide articles.  View some of our popular shoulder ice wraps to help with baseball injuries:

Cool Relief Shoulder Ice Wrap
Cool Relief Shoulder Ice Wrap

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