Back Pain Prevention

Back Pain Prevention    

     Back pain is an issue from which many individuals can suffer. It can be caused by sudden injury, chronic overuse, and many other reasons.  Because so many individuals are exposed to back ailments through yard work, active careers, and athletics, there are many ways to reduce and prevent back pain. Some of the best ways to prevent back pain from occurring are eliminating the activity, wearing back wraps or back braces, using cushion mats, shoe inserts, and using lumbar support while sitting in chairs or cars for long periods of time.
     The best method is removing the activity from your daily functioning and eliminating the stress on the body during that activity. Of course this isn’t always possible due to busy careers and other requirements so many items are made to help people in daily functioning. The aid of these products can greatly reduce the chance of acquiring a long term ailment.
     Back or spinal support wraps are a very common method of prevention for back injury. You often see warehouse workers and other heavy lifters wearing special back braces to support the spine. This is a very important safety measure, especially when putting the body thorough repetitive stress. Many back support wraps are available for low prices and are definitely worth the benefits they provide. They can save you from long term back problems, back pain, and even back surgery! Next time you go to the gym and see someone lifting a massive amount of weight, you will understand the reason they wear a back brace!
     Office workers and people in careers which don’t put much physical stress on their bodies through daily activities may seem safe from ailments such as these, but they aren’t! Even non active individuals can acquire back pain. If you have a career where you sit in an office and a desk chair for much of your day, make sure you have some type of lumbar support. This can greatly reduce the chance of developing pain similar to athletes and active individuals in the spine. The spine needs lumbar support to keep from pain and developing further issues. These are just a few of the many ways to prevent back pain, for other methods of back pain prevention talk to your healthcare provider and find the method that may be best for you! If you already suffer from some form of back pain, use an ice wrap to help reduce pain and swelling. View our selection of back ice wraps and back pain relief products! 

Back Ice Pack by Active Wrap
    Back Ice Pack by Active Wrap     
Back Cold Pack by Ultimate Ice Wraps
Back Cold Pack by Ultimate Ice Wraps

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