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Ankle Ice Packs

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If you are looking for the finest selection of ankle ice packs, you have come to the right place. Our store delivers a broad assortment of ankle treatment essentials at affordable prices. Whether you are searching for small reusable ice wraps or large versatile cold gel packs, we can help. Start browsing our online catalog to discover the full spectrum of cheap ice packs for sprained ankle we stock right now.

Soft Gel Foot and Ankle Ice Wrap by Cool Relief
Product ID : CRSF
Unit Price: $49.99
For plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, sprains
Soft Gel Universal Ice Wrap for Ankle
Product ID : CRSUA
Unit Price: $24.99
Universal wrap for ankle
Ankle Ice Pack, Cold Wrap by Cool Relief
Product ID : CRIA
Unit Price: $49.99
For sprains, rolls, tendinitis, plantar fasciitis

Ice Pack for an Injured Ankle to Speed Up Recovery

A sprained ankle is a common injury that affects people during different types of activities. An ankle injury can happen to anyone at any age, whether you’re a housewife or an athlete. Often, the most we do when have a sprained ankle is put some ice on it and rest for about 10 minutes. Even though ankle sprains are extremely common, they are not always minor traumas. Repeated or severe sprains can lead to long-term joint pain and weakness. Timely and appropriate treatment can prevent further injury swelling and allow the ligaments to heal faster. Physicians recommend applying ice bags to injured areas to reduce inflammation and relieve the pain.

Cold Compression Therapy: How It Works

Cold compression therapy is the act of applying cold and pressure to an injured or sprained joint. The ice cools the joint, providing an analgesic effect by slowing nerve pain signals. This prevents swelling, caused by tissue filled with blood. Less pain means the person gets on with the physical therapy sooner and recovers faster. In addition to lessening pain and minimizing swelling, ice therapy increases lymphatic drainage, stimulates tissue healing and reduces pain medication use.

Benefits of Using an Ankle Ice Wrap

Coolrelief offers an excellent choice of ankle brace ice packs designed for injured ankles. Ice wraps we supply are soft, flexible and easy to use. They perfectly stay in place, allowing you to move around in bed without sliding off. You can even walk around with it if you need to. Among other benefits, ankle ice wrap helps to:

  • Prevent further ankle pain and swelling;
  • Keep the joint stationary, thus supporting the sprained ankle;
  • Prevent fingers from going numb.

Ice packs for ankle injuries are less messy than a bag of ice cubes from your fridge. What’s more, they are gentle on the skin. Ankle ice packs are a must-have not only for individuals who exercise regularly but for all the people living a mobile lifestyle. Browse our website to explore various types of ankle ice pads our store offers.

First-Class Ankle Treatment Essentials that Won’t Break Your Budget

Coolrelief is a perfect place for individuals who want to buy quality ankle ice packs at low prices. We sell different length wraps for all types of ankle sprains. You will surely find the one that fits your needs perfectly.

In case you have any questions or concerns don’t be shy to contact us at (800) 475-1609. Our specialists will gladly assist you and provide with the best advice possible. We guarantee the exceptional service and on-time delivery to every customer.

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