Ankle and Foot Pain Prevention

 Ankle and foot injuries are commonly caused by athletics or other activities involving high levels of foot and ankle movement such as running, hiking etc. There are many simple ways to prevent and reduce the potential for these issues, and avoid the sudden onset of pain and swelling in the ankle and foot area and the need for ice wraps or other pain relief. While the obvious method of prevention would to be removing yourself (or your ankles and feet) from the activity, realistically this probably isn’t possible due to the demand of talented athletes and work schedules of active job holders such as delivery workers and construction employees. Therefore we come to the next best alternative which is the most commonly used method of prevention of ankle and foot injuries, supportive footwear.
     The easiest way to roll an ankle and hyperextend the ligaments in the joint is by not having the support necessary to help hold the foot in place during strenuous activity. Work boots, hiking boots, and other tailored footwear such as running shoes, tennis shoes, and cleats are used for lower body stability and greatly reduce the risk of foot and ankle injury. In construction or production careers it is extremely important to have tough work boots which can withstand heavy blows and support the foot and ankle throughout the day. The use of steel in some types can prevent damage to the foot from objects extremely heavy if they fall on the boot.
     For other activities such as athletics, cleats are used for grip and traction helping keep the body from awkward falls and movements. While not all cleats are used specifically for support around the ankle, cleats can still prevent injuries by providing traction on turf. In many situations, athletic trainers will wrap the entire ankle and foot areas with plastic wrap for support to the foot and ankle if it’s needed. Runners have shoes specifically designed for the mobility and support they need with the continuous movement of the legs and ankles during running and other exercises. Many runners shoes help prevent foot and ankle injuries by providing the support needed while allowing the mobility and flexibility of runners lower body motions.  Hikers have boots specifically for traction and comfort while walking over rugged terrain.
     A good pair of supportive shoes or good quality footwear is probably the best method for prevention of foot and ankle pain. While there may be several different types of footwear for each different activity you may encounter, you can bet that any one of them is a good investment. 
     Of course it’s not always possible to prevent these types of foot and ankle injuries even with supportive footwear. Even with the best support and highest care taken to prevent a foot or ankle injury, it can still occur. This is why there are many methods of injury recovery and rehabilitation for not only foot and ankle injuries, but any types of injuries. For more information about foot and ankle injuries or other injuries, check out the rest of our pain relief guide and our other articles about foot and ankle pain and swelling.
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