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Wrist Ice Packs

Faster Recovery with Wrist Ice Pack

Taking into account that many of us keep an active lifestyle that requires a lot of physical activity, it is not difficult to injure the wrist. Strains, overuse syndromes, and other hand ailments are prevalent today. However, this does not mean you should suffer from unbearable pain and feel confined. It is high time for you to get familiar with ice pack wrist wraps by Cool Relief.

Wrist Ice Pack, Cold Wrap by Cool Relief
Product ID : CRIW
Unit Price: $42.50
For carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, swelling

The aim of our products is to ensure the unyielding support while soothing the pain you may be subjected to. If properly used, the segmented ice is able to cause the instant relief by numbing the affected area. Focusing on cooling the inflammation and stimulating the flow of blood directly to a joint, icing may be helpful even during the tendinitis flare-up.

Ice Packs for Wrist Tendonitis

Joint swelling, warmth, redness, crepitation when moving the tendons are the obvious symptoms of wrist tendonitis. The disorder may be characterized by localized pain sensations and stiffness, especially in the morning. At our website, you can find the most efficient healing solution for tendonitis as well as for carpal tunnel syndrome. Applying a cold wrist wrap to the injured area is dramatically beneficial to get rid of swelling, numbness of fingers, tingling and other symptomatic manifestations. The mission of Cool Relief is to unveil the first-rate products for ice treatment. We feel proud of offering the extensive range of goods manufactured by the multiple brands. Once you visit our store, you won’t leave empty-handed.

Wrist Ice Pack Wraps Imply Coziness and Pleasure

Cold compression therapy is a widely-used technique in combating traumas and disorders. On the other hand, wearing a bulky bandage may be inconvenient and bothersome. To make your comeback as seamless as possible, we have upgraded our ice packs for wrist with the flexible design and ultimate support. Applying a wrap for the intermittent icing can be done even if you are outside. Also, all the items provided by Cool Relief can be modified with ease. From this point on you should not ignore aggravating pain. Take a look at some features:

  • Smooth coverage due to adjustable Velcro straps.
  • Reusable ice inserts for the lasting effect.
  • Enormous anti-swelling capabilities.
  • Lightweight components allowing for the continuation of any activity.

As you have already noticed, Cool Relief offers wrist ice packs which are more than just healing instruments. Moreover, we pulled out all the stops for you to forget about space-consuming bags. You can easily store our cold wraps in a freezer before they are needed.

Leave Your Worries Behind

Cool Relief centers around individual preferences and demands of our clients. Thus, you are guaranteed to get a 1-year warranty for every item available at our website. If you are not happy with an ordered good, you always have a chance to return it. Besides, our company makes it possible for you to choose the suitable payment method, for instance, credit card, PayPal or Google Checkout. We promise to unburden you by saving your time!