Ice Packs for Shipping

Ice Packs for Shipping

Buy High-Quality Ice Packs for Shipping Online

If you frequently send various items including home-cooked meals and medications across the country and abroad, then the spoilage problems will sound familiar to you. Cool Relief offers the top-of-the-line solution - gel ice packs for shipping food, beverages, candies, and other perishable products. Items from our online catalog will help you keep your shipments at the desired temperature, ensuring that your loved ones get their presents in top-grade condition.

Small Replacement Gel Pack Insert by Cool Relief
Product ID : CRSGB
Unit Price: $11.50
Replacement pack for Soft Gel Universal and Soft Gel Foot & Ankle
Soft Gel Cold Pack Bulk Case by Cool Relief (Large)
Unit Price: $105.00
Case of 10 Large Soft Gel Cold Packs for shipping
Soft Gel Cold Pack Bulk Case By CoolRelief (Small)
Unit Price: $85.00
Case of 10 Small Soft Gel Cold Packs for shipping
Trimable Flexible Ice Sheet
Unit Price: $11.00
Trim your own ice packs with our Flexible Ice Sheets! Our Flexible Ice...
Flexi Freeze Ice Sheet 12 Pack
Unit Price: $81.50
Case of 12 flexible ice pack sheets for shipping

Shipping Ice Packs for Your Business

If you strive to expand your grocery or pharmaceutical business into distant locations, a good job related to packing and shipping is crucial. Ice packs for food and medications shipping are designed to protect your products against heat and damage during transportation. From now on you will sleep better knowing your customers receive their purchases cold, fresh, and safe even over long distances.

Features and Benefits

When it comes to transfer or distribution of perishable commodities, the consistent cool of the shipping ice packs matters. We are committed to providing our customers with a cost-effective and simple solution for keeping your goods frozen from Boston to Green River.

What makes Cool Relief products stand out?

  • Consistently cold therapy and reusability
  • A unique design and flexibility
  • Non-toxic cooling components are used
  • Safety and durability
  • Leakproof performance
  • Cool Relief ice packs are light and tight-fitting

Choosing the Right Size for Your Needs

We provide ice gel packs for shipping in various sizes to meet your demands. Depending on your package’s size, you can opt for small (6”x12”) or large (10”x12”) gel pack inserts. On our website, you can also buy flexible and reusable ice sheets – a perfect option for those who are going to take a short trip. You can wrap them around the lunch box you are carrying to keep the proper temperature. You can cut them to any size you need.