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Keep Food, Drinks, and More Ice Cold With Freezable Coolers and Cold Pack Coolers.

Do you need a chill on the run? We offer a great selection of ice pack coolers for any occasion! Available in a variety of sizes and colors, get our ice wrap coolers, ice pack cooler bags, and freezable cold pack coolers at unbeatable prices! Great for cooling beverages and food at picnics, outdoor sporting events, camp sites, and much more! Also, try one of our freezable ice pack coolers to extend cooling time of your ice wraps during sporting events or trips to the gym, these coolers are designed to keep our ice wraps colder longer!

12 Can Ice Pack Cooler by FlexiFreeze
Product ID : FF 12 Can Cooler
Unit Price: $18.99
This Cooler is perfect for lunches, picnics, tailgating, and more. Freeze...
Medicine Cooler by FlexiFreeze
Product ID : FF Medicine Cooler
Unit Price: $11.99
Made with purified refreezable ice and no chemicals or dyes, this product is...
Product is out of stock